Google is preparing to enter the VPN business

While the market is inundated with VPN services, whether free or premium, it is winning over another provider, and that provider, Google. Yes, Google is preparing to enter this highly demanded market in recent months.

Google has announced the provision of a VPN service to all subscribers to the Google One 2TB plan. For now, this new feature is only available to US users of Android smartphones. Eventually, the offer will also be available on iOS, Windows and macOS devices, as well as in other countries.

And for those who are not familiar, Google One is a bundle of services, the main advantage of which is the additional online storage compared to a free Google account (15 GB). The 2TB offer, which costs € 9.99, also includes access to Google specialists for after-sales service issues, Pro sessions, Google Store rewards (in some countries, unfortunately not in Portugal) and other advantages. The VPN can also be activated at no additional cost on family devices logged into the same account (up to 5 additional people).

So, as you may have noticed, this is not a free VPN, but remember that free VPNs are not really free and are far from secure as your data goes through the servers of ‘a provider, and are used to display advertisements, or even for other malicious operations. Google’s offer has the advantage of having a search engine infrastructure which, let’s remember, makes money through targeted advertising.

This is not the first time that Google has launched into the world of VPNs: the group had already attempted this adventure with subscribers to its Google Fi telephone service, available only in the United States.

Pro sessions, another new feature launched by Google, allow you to chat with an expert to get the most out of your business devices. These virtual meetings will be launched in the coming weeks in the United States, Canada and the United Kingdom.


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