Google launches version 86 of Chrome

After launching Chrome 85 last August, Google is now launching version 86 of its browser, which is now available for download.

IOS and Android versions of Chrome now notify users if their saved passwords are compromised. Chrome sends an encrypted copy of your credentials and password to Google, which compares these lists of credentials known to be compromised. The information is then sent from Google to Chrome to notify the user. If a password is compromised, Chrome sends the user to the affected website for a change. The search giant reports that this feature is only offered to sites with a URL dedicated to changing their password.

Additionally, Chrome on iOS and Android adds Safety Check, the system that checks whether Google’s Safe Browsing service is active and Chrome is up to date.

Only on Android, the improved version of Safe Browsing is now available. Safe Browsing checks the links that users visit to alert them if they are browsing a website with malware or masquerading as another (phishing). The upgraded version comes with additional security.

Only on iOS, Face ID and Touch ID can be used as a means of authentication in autofill forms. The Android version already has an equivalent system since last July.

Chrome 86 is now available for download

In contrast, Chrome 86 for Windows, macOS, and Linux blocks downloads of compressed files (ZIP, RAR, ISO, etc.) when the files come from an HTTP address on an HTTPS site. The update also reduces resources by using less CPU when one browser window is covered by another. Likewise, a CPU usage limit is applied for each tab open in the background. They can only use 1% of CPU resources.

Finally, one more novelty for Mac users: Chrome 86 enables the VP9 video codec for users who have macOS Big Sur installed.

Chrome 86 is available for download at

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