Google Removes Tapatalk From Play Store, Leaves Millions Of Users On Hold

Tapatalk is the mobile application that brings together more than 200,000 online forums around the world. In the app, which has millions of users around the world, users can interact with like-minded people to develop meaningful conversations on topics of interest, in the most varied forums, and without ever leaving home. ‘application.

Now, and without any explanation, Google has removed the popular app from the Play Store. Users of the app began checking their absence from the Play Store last Thursday, but reports indicate that Tapatalk left Google’s App Store earlier this week. While the app remains functional for anyone who installed it on their smartphone, VIP subscriptions are now unavailable, as they depended on in-app billing.

Tapatalk’s social media accounts have been pretty quiet lately. The account on the social network Twitter has not had any new posts or updates since April 2020, while the Facebook page has been inactive for over a year. However, an administrator of the Tapatalk forums himself confirmed that Google has removed the app.

“We are working with Google Play to find out what the problem is,” the administrator wrote, “stay tuned for an update.”

Tapatalk deleted from Google Play Store

In other words, the real reason for its removal from the Play Store is not yet known, but until a possible issue is resolved, we will not be able to install the app through the Google Store. However, it is known that Google recently removed several apps from its store for various reasons. For example, Podcast Addict was deleted because it could be used to play podcasts on COVID-19, Slide for Reddit was deleted because only one screenshot contained the word “ISIS” and Tasker was unavailable for a short time in due to an error in Google’s automated review process. For now, we can only wait to figure out what happened.

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