Google says it suffered the biggest DDoS attack of all time

Although this information has been confidential for many years, Google confirmed that in 2017, a DDoS attack of unprecedented scale and duration directly targeted its servers.

The attack in question lasted for about 6 months, and at its peak traffic grew to 2.5 TB / s. Despite the violence of the attack, the search giant’s servers managed to keep up with the load. Damian Menscher, one of Google’s security researchers, confirmed the failure of this DDoS attack, which was the most massive in computer history:

“While simultaneously targeting thousands of our IP addresses, presumably in the hope of replacing our automated defense system, the attack had no impact.”

Google contained the biggest DDOS attack ever

This DDoS attack is reportedly 4x as massive as the Mirai 2016 botnet attack (up to 623 Gb / s), but we can see that hackers now seem to have a long delay in the protection capabilities of larger server farms. of the planet.

As a result, the latest large-scale (2.3TB / s) DDoS attack, this time targeting Amazon’s AWS platform, has already failed. Remember that the main purpose of these attacks is to “bring down” the target servers, bombarding them with a large stream of data. The resources required to launch these large-scale attacks suggest that these attacks are the work not of isolated hacker groups, but of governments or intelligence agencies.

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