Gran Turismo 7, 4K HDR, RayTracing and 60fps … it’s crazy

Gran Turismo 7 is a game that had already been announced last June during the conference dedicated to PlayStation 5. At the time, little information about the game had been revealed, in particular its release date yet to be revealed. Yet Polyphony Digital, the studio behind the game, and Sony have now explained the technical challenge of Gran Turismo 7, which promises to be crazy.

Thus, the studio’s goal is to deliver 4K HDR graphics in this game, which should reach 60 frames per second under these conditions. But there is more, as Sony promises that this performance will be achieved with RayTracing enabled, which would be quite an achievement.

As a reminder, RayTracing (dynamic light management) is a resource-intensive technology. This will be one of the strengths of the PlayStation 5, but so far its use is still unclear. We know that the Spider-Man game will offer two modes: one with RayTracing activated at 30 frames per second, and another without being active and which operates at 60 frames per second. Gran Turismo 7 therefore wants everything at the same time and promises “stunning graphics” as a bonus.

Gran Turismo 7 with 4K HDR, RayTracing and 60 fps resolution on PlayStation 5

Sony specifies that the game will make the best use of the console’s new SSD (theoretical reading speed of 5.5 Gb / s) to offer ultra-fast loading times, even instantaneous. Add to that the clever use of Dual Sense 5 and the tour will be over.

However, those are promises from Sony, and we’ll be there to see if they are delivered in the real world. As we always inform, we must be careful with these words which are relatively common in the industry. In fact, we never know if they will be 100% filled, however, Gran Turismo has always been known for its polished graphics and technical prowess. So we can expect a lot from this game.

Gran Turismo 7 currently doesn’t have a release date, and I don’t think it’ll be released until the second half of 2021.

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