Having trouble with your AirPods Pro? Apple replaces them for free

If you’ve recently bought a copy of Apple’s new headphones, the AirPods Pro, and they have some flaws, don’t expect it to get better with a firmware update. Apple has revealed that it replaces units that have manufacturing flaws, and don’t appear to be that rare.

The Apple company has released a new document suggesting that there are many units of the AirPods Pro that are far below the minimum required quality. And no, it is not at the level of finish because the company does not fail there, but with problems of sound, and almost all of them were made before October 2020.

So if you own one of these headphones and they make “crackling or static sounds that increase in noisy environments, during exercise or when talking on the phone,” or if “active noise cancellation does not perform as expected, resulting in eg lowering bass or increasing background noise, such as the street or an airplane, ”then it looks like you are entitled to a free replacement for your headphones.

Apple replaces some AirPods Pro

Apple also clarifies that the product as a whole will not be replaced, as the case, for example, will not be replaced. In addition, the company will only replace the affected helmet. Therefore, if only the left headset of your AirPods Pro is affected by this issue, then only this issue will be replaced.

Cupertino’s own company will run a series of tests to determine which helmets are affected by these bugs, so that the exchange can be made, if necessary.

In short, if you think your new headphones seem to be suffering from any of the issues described above, you should immediately take them to the Apple Store, or an authorized reseller, to see if you can get a free replacement.


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