HBO Portugal announces Murder On Middle Beach start date

HBO’s documentary Murder On Middle Beach, a four-part documentary series, directed by young filmmaker Madison Hamburg, will air Monday, November 16 exclusively on HBO Portugal.

Murder On Middle Beach presents the complicated journey of Madison Hamburg, a young man determined to solve the unspeakable murder of his mother and forgive the people he loves, while seeking answers in his broken family and community.

On March 3, 2010, divorced mother Barbara Hamburg was found violently murdered in the backyard of her home in Madison, Connecticut. Investigators suspected that his death, caused by blunt trauma, was a passionate crime, but without sufficient evidence, the case lost momentum.

Over the course of eight years, Barbara’s son Madison Hamburg has interviewed family members and many others, in a bid to learn more about the mother and gather evidence in hopes of solving the murder. . He has uncovered a deep web of family secrets that have been buried, ties to black criminals and resentments from years in his seemingly serene hometown. As Madison grapples with disturbing revelations about her mother, the most disturbing conflict comes from Madison’s obligation to interview people in her community and members of her own family.

After the murder, attention first turned to Barbara’s ex-husband Jeffrey Hamburg, with whom he struggled over financial issues, including child support, and who was scheduled to appear before the court that day. With a strong alibi and the Madison Police Department in disarray, after a recent wave of corruption scandals, Jeffrey Hamburg has never been charged. Rumors were circulating about her potential involvement in foreign affairs and Barbara’s participation in an illegal pyramid scheme known as “Gifting Tables”, which may have brought her enemies. However, despite this and information on other potential suspects, the clues have run out and the case has been closed.

Years later, Madison, who was just a teenager at the time of her mother’s murder, returns home determined to understand the life of the mother he didn’t know and to uncover the truth behind her death. The family’s troubled history is explored, and Madison wonders if knowing the truth will help close the case or if it will only cause more suffering. As his research expands, he begins to reexamine his own memories of a childhood that was not as perfect as the happy house videos suggest.

Murder On Middle Beach is already on HBO Portugal

Murder On Middle Beach explores the secrets behind a seemingly perfect community. Through the search for an almost obsessive response from a young person, light shines on the universal need to make sense of deep loss and to face one’s own history. As Madison seeks to meet the mother she lost, he comes to a deeper insight into her legacy and the enduring power of family love.

Murder On Middle Beach is produced by Jigsaw Productions, Armian Pictures and Blue Days Films. Directed by Madison Hamburg, it features an executive production by Ron Nyswaner, Neda Armian, Toby Oppenheimer, Madison Hamburg, Stacey Offman and Richard Perello and an executive co-production by Evan Lerner. Supervision of production is the responsibility of Whitney Johnson and production by Solomon Petchenik. For HBO, the executive producers are Lisa Heller and Nancy Abraham and the lead producer is Sara Rodriguez.

You can watch the trailer for this documentary here.

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