How do we download our content from Google Photos?

After Google announced the end of unlimited free storage in its Google Photos app, people were quickly looking for alternative or cheaper solutions.

While the content in the app may continue to be completely free, many users prefer to have all of their content on one platform, or who just want to store it in a home storage unit.

For this reason, today we are going to teach you how to download all our content from Google Photos, and for this we will have to use Google Takeout, which is a service that allows you to get all the data stored in your Google account. There you can download all your data at once. So your contacts, Google Drive files, YouTube videos that you have already watched and everything associated with your Google account can be downloaded there.

You will be able to download your content, do what you want with it, always without affecting your account, because until otherwise ordered, the content will remain in the account.

How to download our Google Photos content

Go to and sign in with your Google account (if you haven’t already). Once the website opens, simply click on the “Deselect All” option. Scroll down> select Google Photos> scroll down> click Next step. In the next option, you get two options, including exporting once and exporting every two months for one year. You also need to choose between .zip and .tgz files. Google still allows you to select the file size limit, available up to 50 GB. Once done, tap Create Export. Google will send an email to your account for verification. The message says “a Google data file has been requested”. Download it and you are done.

From there you can do whatever you want with your photos and videos.

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