How to transfer data from PlayStation 4 to PlayStation 5?

November 19 is approaching, and with the arrival of the new PlayStation on that day, this will be one of the frequently asked questions on social media forums: How do I transfer data from PlayStation 4 to PlayStation 5?

With that in mind, Sony has decided to release a series of videos dedicated to this, and other, topics related to the first steps of the next generation of consoles.

To transfer your data from a PlayStation 4 to a PlayStation 5, you first need to make sure your PS4 has the latest firmware installed. After that, you just need to log in with your main account on the new consoles, making sure that both consoles are connected to the Internet on the same network, and preferably via an Ethernet cable.

How to transfer my games from PlayStation 4 to PlayStation 5

Then just launch the “Data Transfer” feature on PlayStation 4, and that’s it. Within minutes, the entire library and savegames that were on PS4 will be copied to PS5.

If you have a lot of games installed on an external hard drive, there is no problem: just plug it into the new console and transfer the games to the SSD.

If you have a physical PS4 game and want to play it on PS5, it’s simple: just insert the disc into the console and it will install the game automatically.

Sony has created other videos to help users migrate from the console and to guide them through the migration to the next generation console. As they are not in Portuguese, we will (calmly) share the explanations with you, and in Portuguese. Stay tuned.

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