Huawei announces the sale of Honor

This was something we had already talked about here on November 10, and now it’s confirmed: Huawei has sold its Honor subsidiary to Zhixin New Information Technology Co. Ltd.

This means that the company founded in 2011 is therefore no longer associated with Huawei. Huawei evokes a sale of its subsidiary in order to guarantee its survival, after “enormous pressure” and “a persistent unavailability of the technical elements necessary for its mobile activity”.

In a statement, Huawei said it would sell all of its Honor-related businesses to a company called Shenzhen Zhixin New Information Technology. “This sale will help sellers and suppliers in the Honor channel to overcome this difficult time,” Huawei said in its statement, which added that the purchasing company will acquire all of the company’s assets and Huawei will not be left behind. any business action.

What will happen to Honor phones after the sale?

It’s the biggest doubt that should hang in the minds of anyone who relies on the company’s smartphones now changing hands. The truth is that until clarification from the company we still do not know what will be done. For example, the firmware used on your devices is owned by Huawei, will it continue to provide the same? Certainly not, since Shenzhen Zhixin New Information Technology should want to get as far away from Huawei as possible, so as not to suffer sanctions from the United States.

We will have to wait to find out what the company intends to do.

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