Huawei could even sell its subsidiary Honor

Last October, some reports hinted at the possibility that Huawei would sell its subsidiary, Honor. However, at the time, the official was announced, and was nothing more than a rumor. But it looks like the case is about to happen, and at a very advanced stage.

According to the progress of the Android Headlines team, the deal should be practically concluded and will be announced on November 20. Although it is not yet clear who will be the buyer, this is a joint venture, which is not involved in the US embargo. Further, when contacted by site staff, Honor declined to comment on this matter, merely saying that at the moment nothing can be said about it.

And that’s a clear indication that the deal can indeed be done, since they refused to deny the information.

Honor should even be sold by Huawei

But what could change in Honor if he left Huawei? In principle, that would change everything, as it was no longer under an American embargo and could work like any other brand, especially in the Western market, where the Chinese manufacturer had the most problems.

Obviously, this information has yet to be confirmed, but this is not the first time that this subject has been touched on, and as such it seems more and more real. We will await further information, and we will preferably be official.

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