Huawei could sell Honor’s smartphone division

This is a topic that has been talked about for a few days, but today it seems to have acquired a new importance, as Reuters informs that there are great possibilities for Huawei to prepare the sale of Honor’s mobile division, or at least part of it. division.

According to what is put forward, Digital China Group Co Ltd, is at the forefront of acquiring the division, putting around $ 3.7 billion in Huawei’s “pocket”. However, these don’t seem to be the only ones interested, as TCL and Xiaomi have their eyes on a possible deal and may present arguments very soon.

Is Huawei ready to sell Honor?

We all know Huawei is battling US sanctions and wants to focus more on its own next-gen smartphones. As such, there is currently less room for Honor, which targets a younger target group. Part of the potential business would then be the Honor brand itself, its areas of research and development and active contracts with suppliers would change hands.

TF International Securities analyst Kuo Ming-Chi said he believed the sale of Honor would be beneficial for everyone involved. Once disconnected from Huawei, the company would no longer be subject to US sanctions, which affect Huawei.

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