Huawei reveals reasons to buy Sound X on World Music Day

Music inspires, wraps and strengthens feelings. If we stop to perceive the sounds around us, we conclude that music is an integral part of our life, whether on radio, television, on the internet, in nature or even in the social environment through the sounds of machines, car horns. and etc. Today, the most diverse mobile technology and devices have become a means of accessing music anywhere and anytime.

Today, on World Music Day, Huawei suggests 3 reasons to buy Huawei Sound X, the new speaker with artificial intelligence that will revolutionize advanced acoustic technology with sonic audio , to bring music into your life.

Huawei Sound X, developed in partnership with Devialet Wireless Speaker, is now available in Portugal, at a suggested price of € 319.99, and offers 360 ° sound derived from its 6 speakers. In addition, the new speaker has Hi-Res certification and Huawei Share support for quick and easy pairing between Huawei devices.

Find out why Huawei Sound X is the best option to have at home or in the office for those who want to listen to high quality background music.

High quality sound at your fingertips

When using regular speakers, it may be difficult to pair the smartphone. Often, what should be a simple procedure becomes an unnecessarily complicated task.

Now imagine that you just need to touch the speaker with your smartphone for the two to connect? With Huawei Sound X, it’s a reality. With its OneHop audio sharing feature, you can simply lean your phone against the NFC logo on the speaker to pair the two devices. With one touch, it is possible to switch between songs, calls, videos and games from your smartphone to the speaker at a glance.

In addition, Sound X allows you to clarify the sound and mute the sound from the speaker simply by covering the top with your hand, so you don’t have to take your phone out of your pocket when you need to take a break. . To play the audio again, simply cover the speaker with your hands.

A fascinating musical experience co-developed by Devialet

Stable connection and ease of use are important features of wireless speakers. However, at the end of the day, it’s the audio quality that really makes the difference in this market.

In particular, Sound X offers superb bass performance, in part thanks to the exclusive double subwoofers, the result of the collaboration with Devialet, which adopts a push-push symmetrical structure, in which each subwoofer cancels the vibrations of the rear waves of its counterpart. . , so that the body remains stable even when the subwoofers produce intense sound.

Bass is also fed by Devialet’s SAM® (Speaker Active Matching) bass enhancement technology. This means that you can tailor the sound signals in real time to match the specific characteristics of the speaker and ensure that the sound pressure reproduced by the device precisely matches the original recording. In addition, SAM® bass enhancement technology can adjust distortion compensation in real time, bringing deeper frequency.

Sound X with exquisite and user-friendly design

The design of the Huawei Sound X is also an exercise in artistic perfection, and its exterior matches perfectly with any setting.

Huawei Sound X adopts a cylindrical shape and has a glossy finish at the top, which contrasts well with a mesh grille at the bottom. The mesh design facilitates the transmission of sound, while providing dust and splash protection capabilities for durable use in a variety of situations. In addition to being covered with a premium, impact-resistant polycarbonate material to protect the device when it is moved, the speaker also has a unique exterior design. This arrangement provides all components with optimum performance and perfectly balances the demands of a compact and light body, an aesthetic exterior and uncompromising sound quality.

In addition, Huawei Sound X comes with an intuitive display at the top, with 12 RGB color lights that display eye-catching light effects while playing music. It is also possible to control the audio by interacting with the touch buttons on the top of the speaker.

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