Install Google services on Huawei smartphones? Too easy

Huawei is under an embargo decreed by the United States, which prevents the Chinese giant from integrating Google’s services into its smartphones. And as you may know, the latest smartphones from Huawei ship without Google Play services, and this is due to the same embargo that was declared by the administration led by Donald Trump.

This same embargo prevents the Chinese giant from doing business with American companies, including Google, but it is not only them. However, in practice what users miss the most are the services and applications of Google, but today we have some good news today on this point.

The Googlefier app allows you to install Google services on Huawei smartphones. It is an application developed by a member of the famous XDA Developers forum, which is known as bender_007. The app in question offers a quick and easy way to install Google apps on Huawei and Honor smartphones. Although the operation was always possible, the method was still a bit long and painful, and it took 20 to 30 minutes for everything to be functional.

Generally speaking, Googlefier seems to follow the same method except that all operations are done through the app itself, which makes the process significantly easier to follow and perform. It takes a while for the process to complete, but everything is much easier.

Googlefier installs Google apps and services on Huawei and Honor phones

But beware, Google does not recommend installing its applications on unauthorized devices. But what everyone does with their equipment is their responsibility. And this warning just means that some apps may not work properly, but the experience can vary widely between apps, resources, and devices.

That said, if you like the devices offered by the Huawei brand, but can’t do without Google’s apps and services, the Googlefier app might be worth it.

To learn how to access and install the app, just go to the XDA Developers forum (here) and follow all the steps. As always, proceed with caution in this type of operation.

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