iOS 14.1 Returns Annoying Bugs From The Past

It might sound unreal, but it’s pure reality, one of the biggest new features of iOS 14 is the ability for users to choose what their default app is for browsing the web and managing their email. However, when iOS 14 was released, this feature came with a bug that caused after restarting the smartphone the default was lost and users were forced to use standard Apple apps.

Fortunately, Apple quickly fixed this bug with the release of iOS 14.0.1, and everything remained operational until the arrival of iOS 14.1, which we discussed here. This is because with the latest version of the Apple operating system, whenever the apps are updated, iOS will reset the apps to their default settings.

A user of the social network Twitter, who became known by David Clarke, shared a short video showing the behavior of the system, and it was found that after updating Gmail, iOS changed the management application of default messaging in Apple Mail, just like the browser.

Video evidence.

– David Clarke (@DCOneFourSeven) October 21, 2020

iOS 14.1 with a bug that resets email and browser apps to default

Since the situation occurs with both the mail app and the browser, the problem is unlikely to be in the apps themselves, but in the operating system.

It is very likely that Apple will release a patch in the next few days to correct this situation, or we can only wait for iOS 14.2, which is currently in its Beta 4 version and will soon be released to all users. Help us grow, visit our Facebook page and leave your taste, to have access to all the information first hand. And if you liked the article, don’t forget to share it with your friends. Also follow us on Google News, select us among your favorites by clicking on the star.

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