IPhone 12 supports 5G networks but not the way you’d expect

Support for 5G networks continues to be one of the strengths of the vast majority of devices released today. Although not yet widely used, manufacturers are keen to launch their equipment with support for this technology, and Apple is no different from other manufacturers.

Apple’s 4 new smartphones, from the iPhone 12 series, support next-generation networks (5G), but not everyone will be able to benefit from this technology. An Apple document confirms that support for these networks is not possible if you are using Dual SIM mode.

“When using two lines in dual SIM mode, 5G data is not supported on any of the lines,” says the Apple document which we can see below. The user will only be entitled to 4G access, even if there is 5G coverage in the area where they are located.

There is at least one “good” news: this limitation can be software and not hardware. In fact, the person who released the Apple document says that an update will be available later this year. This update is expected to support 5G in dual SIM mode.

5G and Dual Sim do not match on iPhone 12

Apple has a page on its website dedicated to using dual SIM on its iPhones, and there is no specific mention of it on the iPhone 12. The page was last updated on September 26th. . As a reminder, Apple announced its new iPhone a week ago today, as it was unveiled on October 13.

For those who don’t know, the iPhone 12 sold in China has two slots to use SIM cards. In Portugal, and the rest of the world, there is a SIM and eSIM card slot, and the above message is for all models, regardless of the country.

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