IPhone 12 will not arrive with no headphones (EarPods)

Apple has finally decided not to include headphones (EarPods) in the cases of its iPhones, and this suggests a slight change in the source code of iOS 14.2. The iPhone 12 will therefore be the first Apple smartphone to be sold without a headset, and without a power adapter.

The information came from MacRumors staff, which confirms rumors that had already emerged last May. In fact, at that time, it was already said that Apple would omit the headphones, EarPods, from the iPhone 12 case. The next month, other reports realized that the same phone would arrive without a charger. , but only with a Lightning to USB cable. -VS. And the absence of headphones has just been confirmed in the new developer version of iOS 14.2, available in beta.

While going through the source code, MacRumors discovered a very small but well hidden change. In the section on reducing exposure to radio frequency energy (RF), it reads “use a speaker option, such as a built-in speaker, headphones or other similar accessories”. Nothing really surprising, unless you compare this sentence with what appeared in previous versions of iOS: “headphones provided” which was eventually replaced by the word “headphones”.

Apple won’t make any EarPods available with iPhone 12

This change is obviously not an accident, but it is well and truly deliberate. She suggests that all future iPhones, starting with the iPhone 12, will be sold without the EarPods headphones. It’s a way to promote AirPods Pro, which now supports audio spatialization and automatic switching.

Additionally, the recently released Apple Watch Series 6 also doesn’t include the charger, confirming that the iPhone 12 will suffer the same fate. Apple can explain the choice to remove the headphones, and the charger, from the cases during the presentation of the iPhone 12, scheduled for October 13.

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