Is it safe to share passwords for streaming platforms?

Sharing passwords with third parties has become a common practice when using online platforms such as Netflix, Amazon Prime, and Spotify. This might seem obvious to those with cybersecurity as a topic, but it’s worth remembering that when we use the same password in media services that we use for other accounts, information sharing becomes a worrying factor. and increases the risk of our accounts being compromised.

In order to help raise awareness of the risks of cybercrime, ESET establishes good practices for using passwords as a good starting point. For example, the cybersecurity expert draws attention to the fact that we can share passwords with people whom we will not see later, which can jeopardize the security of our data, especially in situations where you use the same access credentials on multiple accounts.

It is also important to consider how we share passwords and how that can put us at risk as well. It is dangerous to transmit passwords in writing online if we believe that the people with whom we have shared this information may, intentionally or accidentally, pass it on to others without our consent. On Twitter, there is even a registry of users who ask their followers to access Netflix credentials, and there are people who satisfy those requests.

Why you should keep passwords to yourself

However, using the same password in several online accounts is a habit that has its share of dangers. More complex passwords, such as “passwords”, are more resistant to attack, but by doubling these terms on the Internet, the chances of our accounts being compromised increase – even more if we share these accesses with third parties.

In addition to recommending greater caution when sharing passwords, in order to prevent us from always using the same credentials on multiple accounts, ESET suggests using a reliable password manager. Password managers are a secure way to store passwords so that you don’t have to remember multiple unique credentials, you just need to know the password to access the manager (or you log in via biometric registration). These tools are robust and therefore you will be the only one with access to your many credentials, thus keeping hackers away from your passwords.

To create strong passwords, ESET relies on a completely free generator to protect you more effectively on the Internet.

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