Is the United States finally easing sanctions against Huawei?

Huawei has suffered from sanctions imposed by the US administration for some time. These sanctions prevent major suppliers such as TSMC, Qualcomm, Samsung, Micron and SK Hynix from supplying the Chinese giant. However, we reported here last Tuesday that Samsung had obtained approval to supply Huawei with OLED displays, and if that alone was good news, then we have better news.

According to information published today by the Financial Times, several computer chip makers have obtained a license to collaborate with Huawei. The US Department of Commerce is committed to providing licenses to companies that can prove that the technologies provided are not intended for Huawei’s 5G infrastructure. In other words, all manufacturers will be able to supply Huawei again, provided that what they are going to provide is not intended for Huawei’s own 5G infrastructure.

US allows company to supply chips to Huawei as long as they are not destined for 5G infrastructure

This is proving to be great news, but not surprisingly, as Washington believes Huawei’s network equipment poses a threat to US national security. For several years, the Trump administration has accused Huawei of opening the doors of its 5G infrastructure for the benefit of the Chinese secret services. Obviously, Huawei has always completely denied these accusations, and today it has been banned from being part of 5G networks in several countries, including the UK, France and even Sweden.

Ultimately, it looks like smartphone chips will escape the restrictions, the head of a chipmaker says. Unfortunately, the Financial Times article does not specify which companies have obtained exemptions from the US authorities, despite speeches in several companies in Asia. It is not impossible that TSMC, the common founder of Taiwan, is concerned about this relaxation, as it is primarily responsible for manufacturing the Kirin chips.

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