It’s time to start using that old affected PC again

Do you have an old computer leaning against this one because it’s already too slow and you don’t have a foot pedal for what you need? Find out that it can still be useful. Has a set of programmers have successfully ported the Android TV platform for use on x86 machines.

According to what XDA staff reveal, Android TV x86 is the interface we all know on different devices, but now works on computers with Intel or AMD processors. In other words, it is no longer limited to use on smartphones, tablets, TVBoxes or televisions.

So, as long as your computer has a 64-bit Dual Core processor that runs at least 1.2GHz and I have a 64MB graphics card, you can install this Android TV x86, which is based on Android 9.0 Pie. And as you may have noticed, any 13 or 14 year old computer certainly meets the needs.

Android TV x86 is now available for download

However, since this is not an official port, there are some known issues. For example, some users may receive the message “Detecting Android TV” stuck on non-EXT4 partition. The Chromecast built-in also doesn’t work without DRM support, and Netflix doesn’t, except for the mobile version.

This version also doesn’t have the Widevine L1 certification, so services like Netflix won’t stream in HD, but will work. If you want more details, you can access the section dedicated to this in the XDA forum (here).

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