Kevin could be back in Fortnite

The Fortnite game is a real surprise box. It’s not uncommon to see multiple characters disappear from the game and return months later, and a good example is Midas. However, a new character may be back in the game, and sooner than we can imagine, and I’m talking about Kevin.

And if that name isn’t familiar to you, it’s because Kevin is the name the community gave to the giant purple cube that emerged in Chapter 1 of the game. And as it’s revealed, it looks like it will be. back soon, and to be more precise, we have the Kevolution energy factory in Steamy Stacks, which appears to have a liquefied version of the cube, which the new island uses for energy.

Will Kevin be back in Fortnite?

And as Kevin has become an iconic Fortnite “character,” most fans expect him to return. The most recent rumors say it can happen in no time.

The information comes from a well-known miner, Mang0e, who revealed that Kevin the Cube’s audio files had been re-added to the game files. He says: “This is a weirdly specific audio file, so I can’t not see them use it for a different item. “

A Cube audio file was added to the game at 2:40 PM.

This audio is called “Cube_Spawn_01”. I have no idea why it was added as it is a weirdly specific audio file so I can’t see them using it for a different asset.

Many thanks to @FunGamesLeaks for fixing the audio!

– Mang0e👻- Fortnite Dataminer (@ Mang0e_) October 28, 2020

Now, if we add this information, the one that was recently revealed by iFireMonkey, revealing an event from Season 4 of “The Biggest Event They Ever Did”, it makes sense that we could see Kevin again at the end of season 4, or at the start of season 5.

Of course, this is all speculation, and there is no guarantee that it will be a reality, but we also know that this is speculation based on hard facts, so we will have to wait to see if is it true or not.

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