Kodi 19 Alpha 2 version is now available for download

Popular multimedia software Kodi is entering a new phase. After receiving the first alpha release of Matrix version 19 last August, Kodi 19 Alpha 2. Once again, the developers are warning all interested parties that this is a very first release of the software, by therefore, errors are definitely included.

Some minor tweaks have been made – for example, audio decoder add-ons can now channel more information to Kodi. Extended album information can be displayed in an information dialog box, and the tags and album cover of music files can be accessed through an HTTP / HTTPS server.

These are all the changes to the Kodi 19 Alpha 2

Music Playback: Shows the duration of the album in the info dialog box. Album duration can be used in smart playlists in the same way as for songs Music: read tags and album art of music files served by an http (s) server Music: Fixed display of list of files containing multiple streams Feature: audio decoder add-ons can now transmit more information about Kodi (album, year, ratings …) ASS subtitles: corrected timestamp overlay Skin / appearance and touch library music and video Best “out of the box” behavior, optionally use any image files found in media folders. Artistic Levels – maximum, basic, custom, no GUI settings for custom whitelist setting (replacing weird edition of advancedsettings.xml) Redesigned SeekBar that will automatically hide when video playback is interrupted Kodi crashes on boot after manual install with dpkg -i command (unlocked devices only) Fix TopShelf function after manual install with dpkg -i command (unlocked devices only, except Unc0verTV devices, needs investigation)
Fix missing thumbs on TopShelf Python items / addons Fix scripts / plugins that are not notified of abort are now highlighted in the add-ons list, and you are now notified when you try to activate a fix: Prevent VFS add-on changes (update, deactivate and uninstall) when in use Fix: VFS add-on issue, where Kodi had to restart before showing a newly installed version Revised binary add-on system to ensure more High security in exchanging data between addon and Kodi (only missing input stream) Revised add-on binary system documentation for external programmers (missing input stream only) Clean internal binary add-on settings dialogs , plus updated help text (audioe ncoder.kodi.builtin.aac, audioencoder.kodi.builtin.wma, screensaver.xbmc.bu iltin.dim)

For those who are interested, you can download the Kodi 19 Matrix Alpha 2 here.

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