LG is the new official sponsor of the eSports section of the Portuguese Football Federation

FPF eSports and LG are starting to walk together in the development and affirmation of virtual football in Portugal. The tech company is the official sponsor of FPF eSports and will be the new face, i.e. the official screen, of all virtual football competitions organized by the Portuguese Football Federation.

The commitment between FPF and LG allows the standardization of all monitors used in virtual football activations with the best technology on the market. The conditions of the national athletes will have the LG seal of quality, thus further increasing the conditions of all participants.

The agreement signed for the 2020/2021 season also aims to introduce OLED technology as a unique experience for playing virtual football and supporting the creation of esports spaces in the Cité du Football. This innovation, an organic evolution of the LED, will offer unique environments that will continue to offer technological conditions of excellence to virtual football athletes.

The first activation of this agreement will take place in November with a competition that will serve as the opening to the new season of FPF eSports.

“Over the past few years, gaming has experienced unprecedented growth and gaming practitioners are increasingly sophisticated, knowledgeable and demanding users with the amenities that make up their setups. Recognizing the relevance of this field around the world, LG is investing in the development of a large and diverse product portfolio capable of meeting the speed, picture quality and immersion needs of gamers, whether they are professionals or amateurs, ”says Hugo Jorge, Marketing Director at LG Portugal.

FPF eSports and LG together to boost virtual football

From monitors to televisions, LG gear focused on the gaming industry has been developed to provide the best experience in the market, as is the case with the UltraGear 27GL650 monitor, which guarantees huge 4K picture quality and fastest response time. fast on the market – only 1ms and a refresh rate of 144Hz – and compatible with G-SYNC and tested by NVIDIA.

At the same time, LG was the world’s first manufacturer of OLED TVs officially compatible with NVIDIA G-SYNC, the gaming technology that guarantees perfect rendering, increasing the feeling of immersion for gamers. Thus, these devices offer an optimized experience whatever the video game. In addition to delivering impressive graphics with an unmatched variable refresh rate and lightning-fast response time, LG OLED TVs adapt to any configuration, whether for its various size options or specifications. , with AMD Free Sync, HDMI 2.1, HGig, great visual comfort and low input lag.

Raul Faria, FPF eSports coordinator, welcomes the importance of this agreement:

“It is a huge satisfaction for FPF eSports to have a partner like LG, essential to improve the conditions of the events, the athletes and the virtual national football team. We are proud to have one of the best virtual football communities in the world and with LG we have the right partner to have a screen that matches national competitiveness ”

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