LibreOffice wants OpenOffice users to switch to their platform

As Apache OpenOffice turns 20, its biggest rival, LibreOffice, published an article asking OpenOffice to encourage its users to switch to its platform.

In this post, The Document Foundation, the company behind LibreOffice, claims that the OpenOffice brand is still very strong, despite its lack of support and updates. So ask them to encourage their users to migrate to LibreOffice. They justify this by the fact that Apache has a slow release schedule, and does not match the desired security levels, because since 2014, they haven’t released any major updates, putting user data at risk. .

To underline the vitality of LibreOffice compared to OpenOffice, the letter from The Document Foundation (accessible here) indicates that its application had more than 15,000 code commits in 2019, compared to 595 for OpenOffice.

LibreOffice wants to “absorb” OpenOffice users

Despite such neglect, Carl Marcum, vice president of Apache OpenOffice, celebrated two decades of OpenOffice on Wednesday in a statement:

“It’s inspiring to see so many dedicated people from around the world volunteering their time as a mentor, contribute code, test issues, moderate mailing lists, help with forums, translations, marketing and more. to continue to improve this great product available to millions of users. “

OpenOffice is available free for macOS, Linux and Windows, it has been downloaded over 300 million times since its launch. It consists of a set of open source productivity apps, including word processor, spreadsheet, presentation editor, vector graphics editor, math formula editor, and database manager.

However, it has been said for years that the project is on the verge of being shut down, including Chistina Schaller, a Red Hat programmer, who in 2015 said the project was all but dead, and a year later the vice- project president had claimed that there was a great possibility of closing the project … we are only a few months away from 2021 and the project is still online, but in exactly the same conditions as in the past.

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