Listen is the most watched Portuguese film of the year

Directed by Ana Rocha de Sousa “Listen”, it is already the most watched Portuguese film of the year, with 24,200 viewers and gross income of € 135.00. Distributed by NOS Audiovisuais, this film reached national cinemas on October 22 and continues to be screened in around sixty cinemas from north to south of the country and the islands.

The film had its world premiere on September 8 at the Venice International Film Festival, where it won several awards: The Lion of the Future, for its first work, the Special Jury Prize of the Horizons section, two parallel distinctions, ‘Bisato d’ Oro ‘and Sorriso Diverso Veneza, among others.

Ana Rocha from Sousa

Listening was a success

In “LISTEN”, Bela (Lúcia Moniz) and Jota (Ruben Garcia), live in the London suburbs and find themselves facing serious difficulties when “social services” raise suspicions about the safety of their three children. The 7-year-old girl’s deafness triggers a process in the system that seems endless, and over time everything becomes more complicated. Based on real events, this film evokes the drama of a couple of Portuguese emigrants, from whom social services unfairly take their children away on suspicion of ill-treatment. A film which reflects the struggle for the union of a family after an irreversible error.

You can watch the trailer for this film here.

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