Mastercard brings Google Pay to Portugal

From today, Mastercard extends the Google Pay service to all cardholders in Portugal, but also in Greece, as well as in Austria, Bulgaria, Estonia, the Netherlands, Hungary, Latvia , in Lithuania and Romania, in collaboration with the respective issuing partners.

With Google Pay, eligible Android device users can make secure, fast, and convenient purchases in physical stores and online, and can also make contactless payments with their phones.

Mastercard provides this service in cooperation with several issuers and fintechs across Europe including, for example, N26, Revolut, Curve, Bunq, Monese and Viva Wallet, also available in Portugal. This launch is an example of Mastercard’s continued commitment to deliver innovations that make people’s daily lives easier.

After the start of the pandemic, contactless transactions reached nearly 80% in Europe. As consumers have started to use less cash, many have embraced contactless as a secure, convenient, and fast payment option – a change that should stand the test of time.

Milan Gauder, Executive Vice President of Mastercard Products and Innovation in Europe, says “Providing choice and innovation in payments is key to improving everyday life. With hygiene becoming the top priority, we want to ensure that we continue to offer innovative solutions for contactless payments. Today’s launch allows customers to choose the most convenient and secure payment method that meets their needs at any time. That’s why we’re partnering with Google, to bring people ease, speed and peace of mind. “

Florence Diss, Head of Payments Partnerships at Google, points out that “more than ever, consumers are interested in simple and secure solutions, both for online and contactless payment in physical stores. Thanks to a close collaboration with Mastercard, partner cardholders in 10 new European countries can use Google Pay through their mobile banking apps. We hope everyone will enjoy the benefits of using their Android phone to pay in millions of places across the world. “

Google Pay – Easy to set up, easy to use

To use Google Pay in these new markets, Android users must select the “Add to Google Pay” button in participating mobile banking applications, in order to add their Mastercard to Google Pay. After adding the Mastercard, they can access all the benefits associated with Google Pay through the corresponding banking application.

Once the card is added to Google Pay, users can use the phone to ring and pay anywhere contactless transactions are accepted, whether in a store or on public transportation. Neither Google Pay nor the mobile banking app need to be open for this, nor an internet connection required. Just touch and pay with the device already in your hands without removing your wallet or using a PIN pad. Moreover, it is possible to exceed the default contactless transaction limit by simply unlocking the phone before making the payment.

Data security

When it brings convenience, a Mastercard connected to Google Pay implies an additional layer of security thanks to Mastercard’s “Tokenization” technology. The Mastercard platform protects cardholder information by replacing account numbers with a unique alternate card number, or “token.” Tokenization reduces digital payment fraud, making transactions more secure, including a dynamic component to every payment. When the consumer uses the mobile device in a transaction, it is the symbol and not the actual card number that is provided to the store. For consumers and retailers, every purchase made with a Mastercard using Google Pay offers all the benefits and security of a physical Mastercard transaction.

“Our security features are one of the key elements that position us as the partner of choice for consumers and businesses,” said Milan Gauder, Executive Vice President of Mastercard Products and Innovation in Europe.

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