Microsoft allows partial uninstalls to free up storage

In a podcast where he discussed the topic mentioned in the title of this article, Xbox Program Management Director Jason Ronal made the following revelation:

“Even in addition to the hardware, we’ve actually made improvements to the user interface to make storage management easier. For example, one of the new features we’re adding is, in fact, for – if a title decides to support it – the ability to selectively uninstall different components of the game.

So, let’s say you are playing an example campaign and then want to focus exclusively on multiplayer. If the programmers decide to offer this support, the player can uninstall the campaign itself to have more control over how they actually use their storage, in order to get the most out of the available storage. “

In other words, what Jason Ronal is saying is that we won’t need to have all of a game’s content installed on the console, and will only leave installed what we really need. In other words, the new Xbox will have much improved management of its storage.

Jason ronal

Xbox Series S | X will arrive with improved storage management

This is something similar to what has already been revealed by Sony for its PlayStation 5. It has already been revealed by the company, for example, that in a multi-level game the player can only have the levels. 1 and 2 installed when he starts playing next. even. When the player reaches level 2, level 1 will be automatically uninstalled and level 3 will be installed.

There are different forms of storage management, which if they work, it is really the user who wins, who no longer needs to have a game fully installed, with tens of GB occupied, without ever needing of the information it occupies.

Also on the podcast (accessible here), Jason Ronal said that the same game for the Xbox Series S and Series X is expected to have completely different install sizes, where obviously the install on the Series X will be much higher.

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