Microsoft announces Xbox Series X refrigerator with next-generation cooling

The meme became a reality, as Microsoft announced a new refrigerator with the look of an Xbox Series X, but with cutting-edge cooling. The company has released a trailer to mark the “world premiere” and unveil its new device. It has “advanced cooling” and is a 1: 1 scale replica of the Xbox Series X. It stands over six feet tall and weighs over 18 kg.

However, this is a promotional item that will not be sold to the general public, and it is not the first time that a promotional item has been made for a console launch. On the occasion of the launch of the Xbox One S in 2016, the company unveiled the Xbox Onesie, a combination in the colors of the console was announced. And although at the time the company had no plans to sell the same thing, so many orders it received that it ended up producing a limited edition.

Microsoft announces refrigerator in the form of Xbox Series X

Now with the Xbox Series X it obviously couldn’t be any different, and the company is revealing a refrigerator, which will certainly appeal to many Xbox fans, but sadly they won’t be able to buy it, because it won’t be. for sale.

However, Microsoft will give a freebie so that some users can win a unit of this refrigerator. But for more details, go here.

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