Microsoft Edge is preparing to receive a major update

Microsoft has announced that later this month Microsoft Edge will receive an update that will arrive with new features and improvements, including a price comparison and a tool for taking screenshots.

The price comparison is compatible with several online merchants. The user will only have to add a product of interest to a Microsoft Edge collection. He can click on a dedicated button that allows him to compare prices with other online resellers.

It is a very simple service. Microsoft is reserving this feature in the United States, at least at an early stage, and more countries will be added in the future. The price comparison will also take into account the discount coupons with another update.

Microsoft Edge update will be released later this month

As for the screenshot tool, the operation is very simple. The user should click on the three dots in the upper right corner of Microsoft Edge and choose the capture option. He then selects the part of the page he wants to capture and validates with the dedicated button. From that point on, he chooses to save the screenshot or send it to a contact.

The Microsoft browser also adds a touch of personalization with the ability to place your own photos on the new tabs. PDF handling has also been improved with new support for the analytical index. This allows you to quickly click and navigate to different sections of the PDF file, instead of scrolling through the document. Additionally, the collections support exporting to Excel, OneNote, Word, and Pinterest. Email support has not yet been scheduled, but is scheduled for later.

Microsoft’s Edge update will be released later this month, and Microsoft is adding support for tabs and history syncing between devices will arrive later this fall.


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