Microsoft is deploying outdated drivers through Windows Update

When we talk about Windows 10 updates, the vast majority of the time we are talking about headaches, because they are rare and do not create any problems, for a specific group of users. However, something really weird has happened and it won’t give the best Windows Update, Windows 10 images.

As the brand searches for the best way to improve the image of Windows 10 updates, which reaches users through its Windows Update platform, the brand has started the process of distributing completely obsolete drivers. Some users report having recently received optional driver updates, even without allowing them … Nothing serious in itself, except that the drivers in question are completely obsolete.

Windows Update for Windows 10 makes obsolete drivers available

Some of these drivers distributed in this way reveal a publication from 1968 … This is explained quite simply: Microsoft voluntarily restores certain obsolete drivers to prevent them from being automatically installed on users’ machines when a newer driver is offered by a third party manufacturer. This is particularly the case with processor drivers, the versions of which published by the founders prevail over the versions of Microsoft. The drivers displayed with a publication date set at 1968 are therefore not really drivers of the time, but drivers considered obsolete or non-priority by Microsoft.

However, installing these drivers may cause stability issues or prevent some devices from working. And of course, we don’t recommend installing them.

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