Microsoft is working on a new Windows 10 setup wizard

Windows 10 is probably the most used operating system in the world. Whether for that user who only uses to access the Internet, as for one who needs to work daily, or even for that more enthusiastic gamer. The truth is that the Microsoft operating system is very flexible and adapts to any user.

Microsoft is well aware of the versatility that your system needs and while new features are not expected in the new version of Windows 10 (20231), a setup wizard should customize the system according to the needs of each of us. . Before being long and tedious enough, Windows setup can now be faster and, above all, better suited to your needs. With a new configuration screen, Microsoft will seek to know how you will use your computer and offers you several categories for this: games, family, creativity, study, entertainment and finally work.

Windows 10 will offer a new setup guide

Microsoft’s stated goal is to understand it better, certainly speed up the setup process and get a machine that is better able to meet your needs. One can clearly imagine that if the computer is not intended for work or study, the Redmond company will not display the Microsoft 365 settings, although it could highlight the Xbox Game Pass if the computer is primarily intended games. And this is just one example.

However, this setup screen is subject to change, as this version of Windows 10 is still only available as a developer version for the Windows Insider program. Other steps include setting up Cortana, and signing in to a Microsoft and OneDrive account. This release should also bring new options on handling standard application file associations and common bug fixes.

It remains to be seen whether Microsoft will impose this configuration screen in the final version of Windows 10 20231 and, mainly, if the company will actually use this data to speed up the process of configuring its operating system.


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