Microsoft prepares the “last axis” in Internet Explorer

Microsoft is once again preparing an aggressive strategy to get users to migrate to its latest services, blocking access to Facebook, Instagram and YouTube through Internet Explorer (IE).

If, luckily, you still use Internet Explorer as your default browser, know that it’s time to think about the evolution and adoption of a new browser, which Microsoft wants Edge to be. Recently relaunched with a Chromium base, Edge intends to replace Internet Explorer permanently, and forever. Microsoft has already planned a very drastic solution for users who insist on relying on IE.

Thus, the American company announced the progressive blocking of access to certain services via its old browser. For example, it is no longer possible to access Facebook, YouTube or Instagram from IE, but not only, because there are thousands of inaccessible sites, most of which are obviously the most popular.

Microsoft blocks access to many sites in Internet Explorer

To the user, an error page is displayed on the link, along with the location of the service being viewed, with a message that prompts you to switch to the new Microsoft Edge. Better yet, if Edge is installed on your device, an internet page will open in the browser to perfectly display the page viewed, but which is stuck in IE (image we see above).

Remember that Internet Explorer was stopped a few years ago by Microsoft, and maintaining its use is a risky gesture, but often necessary for professional reasons.

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