Microsoft reports hacker attacks on vaccine research centers

This is not the first time this situation has been reported, but it looks like persistence is taking hold of hackers, as the software giant has again reported a spate of hacker attacks on hospitals, international health organizations. and pharmaceutical companies involved in vaccine research and recovery from Covid-19.

Microsoft has this time identified three companies: one Russian (the name says it all: Strontium) and two North Koreans – Zinc and Cerium. The targets were almost always pharmaceutical companies and vaccine research centers located in Canada, France, India, South Korea and the United States. The strategy is still the same: Force logins to steal personal credentials by pretending to be part of the World Health Organization and a Covid-19 research recruiting company.

Pirate attacks return to Covid-19 combat centers

Similar situations have also occurred recently, but in Italy, at the University of Tor Vergata, where hackers entered their servers, rendering documents of fundamental importance in the therapies under study and testing inaccessible. Another attack, this time from Russia, focused entirely on laboratories dedicated to the fight against Covid-19. In this second case, the involvement of the Russian secret services, interested in the theft of sensitive research data for the vaccine, was noted.


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