Microsoft responds to claims that the Xbox Series X is extremely hot

A few days ago, a user who was already testing Microsoft’s powerful new console, the Xbox Series X, revealed in a podcast that the console operates at very high temperatures, and that he had never seen a console heat up. so much, and that it quickly caused some apprehension among users.

Now, Microsoft’s Aaron Greenberg has dispelled any doubts about those concerns by saying that the heat generated by the new console “is not significantly different from that of the Xbox One X.”

The console will emit heat from the system through the exhaust just like any other console. Our engineering team confirmed that the heat leaving the console is not much different from that of the Xbox One X. It matches my experience at home, quiet power, fast and impressive for the size.

– Aaron Greenberg 🙅🏼‍♂️❎ (@aarongreenberg) October 8, 2020

Although he seems indifferent, he never reveals that the console is not heating up. It just gives the information that the heating generated by the console is not much higher than that generated by Xbox One X.
Can we then conclude that the Xbox Series X heats up a lot and its more compact design makes the chassis warmer more easily? This is an answer that deserves a more detailed answer from Microsoft.

Microsoft says Xbox Series X doesn’t heat up much more than Xbox One X

It is true that the Xbox One X is not an overheating console, but it is a console with a different heat dissipation system than the X series, and the fact that the latter is more compact can even be a problem, but only testing can dispel these doubts.

The new Xbox Series X and Series S will arrive in the hands of users in less than a month on November 10, so it won’t be long before we find out the veracity of the information.

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