Mozilla releases Firefox 81.0.1 which arrives to fix some bugs

After the launch of Firefox 81 on September 23, Mozilla released version 81.0.1 which is coming to fix some bugs.

Among the many bugs fixed we have the one that sometimes also used the picture-in-picture options for audio content, although that didn’t seem to make much sense, and that is now possible in this new version. Additionally, some add-ons consume large amounts of memory which impacted browser responsiveness – lots of improvements have been made here as well. Additionally, Mozilla mentions general stability improvements for the update.

Here is the patch for Firefox 81.0.1 which has been officially revealed by the company

Fix missing content in Blackboard course listings (Bug 1665447) Fix Flash content incorrectly sizing on macOS HiDPI systems (Bug 1667267) Fixes for various printing issues (Bug 1667342, Bug 1667510, Bug 1667723) Fix preferences legacy not applied correctly when set via GPO (Bug 1666836) Fixed picture-in-picture controls visible on audio-only page elements (Bug 1666775) High memory consumption has been fixed with add-ons such as than Disconnect installed, causing browser responsiveness issues over time (Bug 1658571) Various stability improvements (Bug 1661485, Bug 1664542, Bug 1664843)

As always, the update is made available to all users through its website, or the help menu for those who already own the app.

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