Mozilla releases new Firefox 82.0.1 which arrives with several fixes

After releasing Firefox version 82 on October 20, Mozilla has now released a patch to fix the myriad issues with this version. If you are not aware of the most reported issues, be aware that browser version 82 has caused problems for many users, especially in printing which has stopped working under certain conditions, and others. small mistakes.

And a week after this release, the company is now launching Firefox 82.0.1, which, as the version number shows, resolves these same issues that arose at the last moment.

But here is the Firefox 82.0.1 changelog

Avoid unnecessary restart prompt when using full installer on Windows (Bug 1671715) Restore the ability to print on paper larger than 100 inches wide or tall, for example for receipts (bug 1672370) Fix printing of documents with zero margins, for example some PDFs (bug 1672529) Fix processing of the WebDriver: ClickElement command in the puppet testing framework (bug 1666755) Stability fix (bug 1660539) )

As always, users who are already using Firefox will be able to use the Help menu to update this browser to the latest version. If you are still not using it and want to use it, you can download the app here.

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