Mozilla reveals that Firefox 85 will arrive without Flash support

Yesterday we revealed here that Mozilla released the new Firefox 83, which is the most recent version of your browser to date, and which has arrived with some news. However, with the announcement of this version, the company revealed that when it launches Firefox 85, it will arrive without Adobe’s Flash support.

This version is expected to arrive on January 26, which means Firefox 84, which will arrive next December, will be the last version to support Flash. However, this is not surprising, since when Mozilla launched Firefox 69 last year, Flash was already disabled by default, and anyone who wants to use it will have to manually enable it, but we now know that from version 85 this will no longer be possible.

Additionally, Adobe itself, the company behind Flash, has already announced its death on January 12, 2021.

Flash says goodbye to Firefox 85

Adobe Flash Player launched 24 years ago, in 1996, and it propelled games and video content until the emergence of HTML5 about a decade ago. Since the introduction of HTML5, online video and game developers have put Flash aside. The two main benefits of migrating to HTML5 are security and performance, as not everyone kept their Flash installations up to date and it didn’t perform well on other operating systems, like Linux.

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