Narco Tycoon announced for PC and Nintendo Switch

Narco Tycoon, a unique game that allows you to build a drug empire, will hit the market in the first half of 2022. The creators of this economic strategy promise a large system of production and distribution of various products, a struggle for the field market, a research and development system and many other resources. As announced by the publisher, the game will reach the PC and Nintendo Switch, but conversions to other consoles are also possible.

The project is developed by the independent studio Type The Name, based in Poland, made up of people with considerable experience in the industry, acquired in companies like TopWare Interactive, Teyon or Flying Wild Hog. Narco Tycoon will be released by Ultimate Games SA As mentioned by the programmers, the game is still in an early stage of production and the first trailer has been released for demonstration purposes only.

As already revealed, this is a strategy game with a top-down 2D view. The programmers focus on single player gameplay, which should be very extensive and varied. Players will be able to design and build drug factories from the ground up, taking care of the smallest details of the production process. The gameplay will also involve, among other things, the management of the members of the organization, the zeal for the proper distribution of the goods, the struggle for market domination and impunity, as well as research and development work. Its main objective will be to completely resume drug trafficking in the city.

Narco Tycoon will arrive in 2022

“We will give players a wide range of options and a lot of freedom in building their drug empire. We are developing a very extensive production system, with complete freedom with regard to the planning of environments and the arrangement of equipment, but in order to obtain a good product quality it will be necessary to take care, among other things, of the temperature, air quality, etc. A similar rule will apply to the members of the organization – each of them will be unique, and the proper allocation of positions and meeting the needs of certain characters will also be of vital importance. Likewise, for example, when fighting for market domination, players will employ various tactics – some solutions will be based only on physical strength, others will be geared towards diplomacy and economics ”- says Marcin Steliga , Chief Designer of Type The Names Studio.

As announced by the programmers, Narco Tycoon will take place in a major American city and its suburbs. The mood of the game will be serious, but it will also include a dose of dark humor.

“Narco Tycoon is an unusual strategy that will surprise players not only for its subject matter, but also for its depth and breadth. The gameplay itself will be similar to games like Prison Architect and RimWorld. When it comes to humor and pop culture references, Narco Tycoon is sure to attract fans of series like Breaking Bad and Narcos, among others ”- adds Rafał Jelonek, COO of Ultimate Games SA

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