Need for Speed ​​Hot Pursuit remake could be announced today

The official website of the Need for Speed ​​series has created a countdown timer (see here) that ends when it is 4 p.m. in mainland Portugal, it seems to indicate that fans of this series of games may receive a surprise. In this tally, the programmers added a few heavy words to the top of the tally: “5:10. How did he go so fast? Five ten. “Call Big Joe’s Pizzeria at 0800-510-510-510. There must be a way to solve this problem.”

The omnipresence of 510 inevitably brings us back to October 5, the date on which the revelation will take place, namely today. But that’s not all, since the 510 is also the code for East Bay, California. An area where an 510 is used to denote vehicles speeding or participating in an illegal race, in an old radio code.
So all of this further reinforces a rumor that pointed to a return of the Need for Speed ​​Hot Pursuit, and even more so after Amazon listed the game earlier this year, and shortly after removing it from its store.

That one of this month’s free PlayStation Plus games is from the Need for Speed ​​franchise shouldn’t be a coincidence either, and it has to be tied to this event.

Will a Need for Speed ​​Hot Pursuit remake be announced today?

Released 10 years ago, this game was very successful and offered gamers police-pilot chases, and according to many fans it was possibly one of the best games in the franchise, and could now be back.

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