Netflix has started the process of raising the price of its plans

Over the past few years, Netflix has steadily increased the price of its plans, and if you are currently a subscriber to this streaming platform, you might want to check out the new prices that will go into effect. Is a price increase applied to Standard and Premium subscriptions, from Netflix, in the US, while the Basic plan remains at the same price.

According to Netflix, the price increase for the Standard plan, which offers HD streams and allows simultaneous streaming to up to two devices, which will now cost $ 14 per month. Which means you got a raise of $ 1. The Premium plan, which allows up to four devices at the same time, as well as UHD broadcasts, will now cost $ 18 per month, which is an increase of $ 2.

And as I revealed before, the basic plan stays the same ($ 9 per month), limited to a single device, and doesn’t offer HD streams or higher. And it never hurts to reveal that this increase is only for the North American market, at least for now.

Netflix raises the price of its plans in the United States

But looking back a bit, Netflix’s prices over the years have essentially gone up by around $ 1 a year, but luckily that increase hasn’t spilled over into all markets. But the bad news is that this just announced price increase will most likely reach other markets in the coming months.

To be fair, Netflix has invested heavily in its productions so that it can compete with other streaming platforms and take advantage of the situation the world is in right now. For now, it can be expected that this price increase will take several months before being applied in other markets.

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