Netflix is ​​gearing up to improve on one of its most boring features

If you are a Netflix subscriber and love to run marathons on your favorite series, you know that every three episodes you watch afterwards the platform asks if you want to continue watching the series. Soon it will be possible to disable this window that appears, which annoys many users.

As revealed, this feature will evolve soon. In fact, the next time these windows are shown, at the end of the three episodes watched, a new proposition will be present: “Yes, never ask me again”. A simple feature, but one that is really useful. However, don’t be surprised if one of these days you wake up and find yourself waking up from a nice nap on the couch, and without realizing it, “watched” every episode of a series.

Netflix is ​​preparing to make the window disappear by asking if he wants to keep watching

This new button has already appeared with some users, and in the meantime Netflix has confirmed that it is currently completing the testing phase. This means that if the company is happy with it, it will launch for everyone, and the whole world. It can be a matter of days, or even weeks at most. In any case, the appearance of such a button will be beneficial for the platform.

Netflix does everything to make its service as smooth and enjoyable as possible. Of course, this involves improving the interface and adding small features. For example, Netflix recently implemented a button to launch a random series if you don’t know what you want to watch.


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