New update to arrive with more action for Red Dead Online

In an interview with Game Star staff, Rockstar Design Director Scott Butchard revealed some details about a new update that’s about to arrive on Red Dead Online.

So, as has been revealed, the next Red Dead Online update has been announced and will be an improvement over an existing feature, and will be more action-oriented, and will be released over the next few years. weeks.

“[…] Players won’t have to wait long for a more action-oriented update. In the next patch, we will continue to develop an existing role, which will create many action-packed shoots. “

After a very calm naturalism update in terms of action, this new feature update should arrive with the intention of changing the game almost completely. But what will be the role? There is still no official announcement, but as we go, it could be the action-friendly Bounty Hunter, but also, it’s the only one that hasn’t had improvement, like those of the Merchant and the Collector.

Red Dead Online’s next update will come with more action

Scott Butchard also spoke about a sequel and said the current goal is to continue improving existing roles, like in this next update, and possibly adding new roles. Rockstar Games already has an idea of ​​the general direction of the game and is listening to the community to validate this idea.

We already have several different roles that focus on certain aspects of the world, such as bounty hunting, trading, discovery, and nature, each of which has its own charm and provides appropriate play possibilities. The future of Red Dead Online will revolve around the development of these features with useful gameplay possibilities, and possibly the introduction of other professions.
You can really expect more shoots and more than the Old West. In addition, there is still a lot of potential, as we allow players to deepen the existing functions. We have a sense of the general direction of the game, and community feedback will continue to help us make decisions.

Rockstar Games also reports that fixing bugs and bugs is always a priority. This type of update is released as soon as it is developed and is not added to the next content update. Small improvements, such as adding a quick tour to the distillery, for example, will be added with content updates.

There is still no set date for the next update, but it has been announced to arrive later this year 2020. It is also expected to arrive after the Halloween Special Outlaw Pass ends, which ends on November 16.

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