Next time you go to the moon, don’t forget to post a selfie on social media

The title of this article may sound like a joke, but it is very real, since Nokia recently signed a contract with NASA to bring 4G infrastructure to the Moon. And this deal is valued at over $ 14 million.

As you can imagine, the introduction of 4G on the Moon is not about allowing astronauts to post real-time selfies, but the fact that this connectivity is available on our natural satellite and that it will allow a lot of things. Being able to connect to the Internet directly from the Moon should help communications a lot. Better speeds, better reliability and improved distances compared to currently available technologies.

During the first Apollo missions, engineers could only rely on radio communications going through various base stations, relays and other network transmitters. Using 4G, if available, could make the whole system much more efficient.

Nokia will implement 4G on the Moon

So why not 5G? And why is 5G not being used since it is faster? Some 5G technologies may not be able to cover distances as great as 4G. In other words, it wouldn’t be the right choice, at least for now. In any case, being able to communicate from space is already a marvel of technology. Whether it’s via 4G or 5G, whatever, that would be really impressive. There is no doubt that this should greatly simplify the setting up and operation of the future lunar base so desired by NASA.


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