Nintendo is preparing to sell Joy-Con individually

It’s no secret the Joy-Con’s build quality, Nintendo Switch controls, leaves a lot to be desired. Anyone who owns one of Nintendo’s latest consoles knows that there will be a time when they start to suffer from the infamous Joy-Con Drift, and that’s where the headaches start.

To permanently fix the Joy-Con Drift issue, there are two solutions. The first is to open the remote and replace the faulty little mechanism, but it does require some technical knowledge, some expertise and patience, and most importantly tools to do it. The second option is to buy new Joy-Con to replace the faulty ones. And the problem lies precisely in the latter option, because, even if you have problems with only one of the controls, Nintendo does not sell them individually, and the user is forced to buy a pair, when in reality he only needs one. And we are talking about something that costs between 70 and 80 euros … which is still a significant amount.

Now, according to an announcement from Nintendo itself, it will soon be possible to buy only one Joy-Con individually, at least in the United States. Nintendo of America used its Twitter account to announce that starting November 9, it will be possible to purchase Joy-Con individually. They will be sold for around $ 40 each.

Starting September 11, unique #NintendoSwitch Joy-Con controllers will be available for purchase for $ 39.99. Choose from the left Joy-Con controller in neon blue and the right Joy-Con controller in neon red.

– Nintendo of America (@NintendoAmerica) October 23, 2020

Nintendo will let you buy a single Joy-Con

That said, this announcement suggests that soon, players looking to buy Joy-Cons will no longer need to buy a pair when they only need one unit. However, the announcement was made for the North American market, and we do not know if this possibility will exist in other markets as well. But given the complaints that have arisen all over the world, it is only natural that the same will happen in other markets, never later.

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