NOS issues statement attacking ANACOM president

In an interview with TSF, the president of Anacom announced today that the operators (NOS, MEO and Vodafone) have increased the price of their triple offers (Internet, TV and telephone) during this month of November. The regulator points out that the monthly fee for such packages has become more expensive, going from one euro to around 31 euros.

If that alone was not something that the Portuguese will certainly not like, he continues, and further states that there has been “reduction in quality”, with slower download speeds.

In response to this information, the NOS operator released a statement a moment ago that strongly attacks the president of the regulatory body, João Cadete de Matos.

Here is the NOS statement in response to the ANACOM statements

In view of the press release published today by ANACOM, on the 3% increase in the monthly rates for 3P offers, NOS informs:

It is not true that NOS has increased the prices of its customers, nor reduced the quality of its services. The statement issued by the regulator, which indicates that this has happened, is just another move to try to deceive the Portuguese. The communications regulator is insisting on his statements the sole purpose of which is to disparage the industry, using a consciously false narrative. No NOS customer has ever seen or will see their prices increase, at any time, following the launch of new offers. The regulator’s claim is simply false. Unfortunately, the regulator did not congratulate or announce the reduction of more than 10% of the price of the fixed Internet offer of NOS, an offer which gives so much relevance. This unequivocally reveals his bias and process of intent. The president of Anacom is incapable of living with the truth and shows an absolute disregard for the facts. Such behavior is unworthy of the position it occupies and manifests a profound lack of respect for the institution and the State in general. The interests it supports are unclear, but they will certainly not be those of Portuguese businesses or consumers. All the regulator wants with this kind of misinformation is to create a cloud of smoke to distract the Portuguese from the dramatic consequences that 5G auction regulation will have for the country. Let’s be clear. There was no price increase or quality reduction. There is absolutely unacceptable 5G regulation and a regulator that, without arguments, fabricates entirely false rhetoric to justify what is absolutely unjustifiable. The fact that such an abuse of power, without any consideration and without consequences, can occur within the framework of the rule of law, should be a matter of reflection for all.

We look forward to the response from other operators who will certainly not have been satisfied with ANACOM’s statements.

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