NVIDIA Maxine is official and uses artificial intelligence in video conferences

Video conferences have become widely democratized since the start of the pandemic around Covid-19 and the containment measures. Services have grown, but the inherent quality of the experience can remain a barrier to uptake.

Logically, having a good quality webcam and microphone, as well as an acoustically treated room, provides the ideal conditions for making video calls. But you have to admit that not many people can afford this sort of thing. Today, NVIDIA presented a solution that takes advantage of artificial intelligence to help on this specific point, which is the quality of the video conferencing experience itself.

With NVIDIA Maxine, video conferencing will be significantly improved

The company announced NVIDIA Maxine, an artificial intelligence-powered cloud platform that relies on the use of AI to improve the overall video conferencing experience. With Maxine, NVIDIA will use AI to help improve aspects such as reducing the bandwidth used for video calls, among others, by analyzing key elements of a person’s face instead of showing the screen. whole.

This will help deliver smoother and cleaner video calls, especially for those who don’t have a super fast internet connection. The system also increases the resolution of video calls. So even if you have a backup webcam or a very limited accessory at this point, the software will be able to improve the digital output stream. There are other cool features as well, like auto framing which, as the name suggests, will attempt to keep the subject in the center of the frame.

Maxine will also showcase new options, such as machine translation in subtitles, so people who speak different languages ​​can see their own words translated and subtitled in real time. One of the great advantages of Maxine is that the system works in the cloud. In other words, it should work even if you don’t have an NVIDIA graphics card on your machine.

While some of these features are already available in some video conferencing applications, the fact that NVIDIA offers a completely decorrelated solution means that applications may be able to take advantage of it and offer them in the near future.

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