Oneplus announces new OnePlus World platform

On the occasion of the launch of its latest flagship, the OnePlus 8T, the OnePlus, unveiled its latest creation: the virtual world OnePlus World. It’s a virtual and engaging experience, where you can witness the company’s latest launch online, which will provide the global user community with a 360-degree interactive world that will host different activities before launch day and stay active. after the event.

Users entering the OnePlus World virtual world will be able to create their own avatars with a wide variety of accessories and customization options. In addition, this virtual experience also offers an interactive game zone in which visitors can enjoy various games such as “ Warp ”, with a multiplayer option in which participants virtually travel in the famous red OnePlus charging cable, which is moving. for extreme speeds to collect crystals and earn extra points; as well as the game ‘Hz’, in which users will embark on a treasure hunt to collect Hz crystals, ranging from 60 and 90 Hz to 120 Hz, and which will offer a higher or lower speed, depending on their value.

In OnePlus World, users will also be able to visit a #ShotonOnePlus virtual gallery, showing the creative works of the global OnePlus community, or even walk around the OnePlus Museum, to relive the evolution of the brand since its inception, with 3D models. . of all previous OnePlus devices, starting with OnePlus One. Users will also earn reward points by visiting OnePlus World and participating in these activities.

OnePlus World is now live

OnePlus’ interactive virtual world has a global leaderboard that shows which users are in the top positions in the scorecard, based on their interaction in the virtual world until launch day. Thus, the users with the most points will have the opportunity to win a OnePlus 8T, in the same way that all users will also be able to win different prizes, of the brand, on a daily basis.

Another important novelty is that OnePlus World hosts a virtual auditorium where visitors can check out the upcoming OnePlus 8T launch, in addition to being able to create a virtual room on the platform and invite their friends to a private party where they can interact with each other, via audio or chat, while enjoying the live broadcast of the presentation.

Once the launch and presentation of the new flagship is complete, users will be able to visit the Ultra Store, an exclusive 3D store within the OnePlus World experience, where they can practically unlock the new OnePlus 8T and purchase the pop kit from new device.

The new OnePlus 8T will be presented on Wednesday, October 14, at 3 p.m. in Portugal, via the live stream on the official OnePlus channel on YouTube, as well as via OnePlus World.

Users who wish to experience the new virtual world can register at

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