OPPO announces its first smartphone with a roll-up screen

OPPO today organized Oppo Inno Day, a conference whose main objective was to present the latest news from the brand in the smartphone market.

And as several rumors suggest, the company took advantage of the event to announce its first prototype of a drop-down smartphone, which the company calls the Oppo X 2021. Unlike Samsung’s Galaxy Fold, equipped with a flexible display, This new and ambitious model should thus allow the user to benefit from a screen capable of switching from a smartphone format to that of a tablet, without the inconvenience of having twice the thickness.

It’s a concept already being explored by other companies, like TCL, and this roll-up screen technology has yet to be launched, but it may quickly become the new standard in the still emerging convertible smartphone market.

Presented alongside the Oppo AR 2021 glass and the Oppo CyberReal, the Oppo X 2021 has a scrollable OLED screen, capable of going from 6.7 inches to 7.4 inches, thanks to Oppo Roll Motor technology. Inside, this smartphone has two motors capable of generating a constant force to unfold the device evenly, promising not to damage the screen when handling it. Note that unlike foldable smartphones, which only benefit from two “states” (folded or unfolded), the Oppo X 2021 can be partially deployed, thus allowing a whole range of intermediate dimensions.

OPPO reveals OPPO X 2021

Despite this ambitious unfolding mechanism, the Oppo X 2021’s screen must remain perfectly flat, without visible scratches or marks. The situation made possible by a system of nested “slats” (see above), allowing the screen to unfold without folds. On the back of the smartphone, a sliding frame will protect the internal components when the phone is unfolded. Additionally, the screen features a high-strength Warp Track backing layer, designed to solidify the screen by adding only 0.1mm of thickness.

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