Pilgrimage, a film by João Botelho, is already on HBO Portugal

João Botelho’s 2019 Oscar and Goya Award nominated film Pilgrimage is now available on HBO Portugal. This is another strengthening of the Portuguese content offering, available on HBO Portugal.

“In March 1537, at the age of 26 or 28, Fernão Mendes Pinto, fleeing the misery and the narrowness of his life, left for India in search of glory and fortune”. This is how this film begins, in the middle of a terrible storm, which recounts the successes and misfortunes of this adventurous writer who, during the 21 years he spent in the East, was “13 times captive and 16 or 17 sold “. But instead of the fortune he wanted, his jobs and dangers increased. Adventurer, but also pilgrim, penitent, ambassador, soldier, merchant and slave, Fernão Mendes Pinto was everything and was everywhere. “By the extraordinary grace of God” he returned safe and sound to leave us an extraordinary travel book, in a skillful and brilliant writing, carnal and violent, celestial earthly. This travel book, published three dozen years after his death, became the first bestseller in the Portuguese language, being translated and published in all the kingdoms of Europe.

João Botelho

The pilgrimage is already on HBO Portugal

Pilgrimage recounts pieces of that acute, exaggerated and exaggerated observation that, in his fascinating journey to recount, this adventurer of the seven seas has passed away. Misfortunes yes (“each action has a payment, each sin a punishment”) but also successes: the commitment and the greatness of the discoveries or “discoveries” of other lands and other peoples, in the golden age of France. ‘History of Portugal. An adventure film!

Directed by João Botelho and produced by Alexandre Oliveira, PEREGRINAÇÃO with Cláudio da Silva, Cassiano Carneiro, Pedro Inês, Jani Zhao and Catarina Wallenstein, with the special participation of Rui Morisson and Luís Lima Barreto.

You can watch the movie trailer here.

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