PlayStation 4 games are not playable on PlayStation 5

We recently revealed here a list of PlayStation 4 games that cannot be played on the new PlayStation 5. This list with only 10 titles was not played on the next-gen console, for reasons unrelated to Sony, since the responsibility lies entirely. side of the studio behind the games. It turns out that no studio likes to see any of their games on a “blacklist” and some of them have gone to work, and that list of 10 incompatible games has been reduced to just 8. games.

Indeed, the developers of TT Isle of Man – Ride on the Edge 2, have revealed that their motorcycle racing game will be entitled to an update that will make it compatible with PlayStation 5. The French studio KT Racing and NACON have it. revealed to the folks at Push Square, that the game is not compatible at all, but an update is being developed “to make it 100% functional” with the new console. It is not yet known if everything will be ready on November 19 when the PlayStation 5 reaches the hands of users, but it is certain that this game will be compatible with the console.

The other game is DWVR, a high intensity shooter game that is played with PS VR. Now the game developer has taken to Reddit to reveal that they are working on a fix to make their game compatible with PlayStation 5.

He expects this to be ready before the launch of the new console, but he can’t guarantee it. He says he’s surprised that his game doesn’t work on PS5 because it uses the Unreal Engine, as many games do. In addition, it goes out of its way to support Boost mode and provide a better gaming experience.

Now there are only 8 PlayStation 4 games not working on PlayStation 5

Thus, currently, only 8 games, out of more than 4000, for PlayStation 4, cannot be played on PlayStation 5, and are:

Afro Samurai 2 Revenge of Kuma Volume One just have to take care of it! Shadow Complex Remastered Robinson: The Journey We Sing Hitman Go: Definitive Edition Shadwen Joe’s Diner

It is perfectly natural that most of the game studios listed above will soon release a patch that will make the game compatible. But the fact that these studios have come out to reveal that they are working to make their games compatible, proves once again that the blame has never been on Sony’s side.

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